Meet Rev. Matt

Matt’s a Minister of the Word with the UCA. As a MoW, Matt is committed to the responsibilities of preaching the Gospel, administering the sacraments, and exercising pastoral care so that all may be equipped for their particular ministries, thus maintaining the apostolic witness to Christ in the Church. Ministers of the Word have a particular responsibility for safeguarding the unity of the body of Christ. Ministers exercise their responsibility to Christ and the church by supervising and empowering the general ministry of the church at the congregational and community level. As a minister, Matt is passionate about discipleship. Questions about how we as disciples are called to live our lives and experience our faith are what drive him in teaching and preaching.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys table top games, drone photography, and spending time with his family.

Matt sits on the Synod Ecumenical Relationship Committee and represents the Uniting Church on the executive of Queensland Churches Together.

Have a Chat with Rev. Matt

If you’ve been looking for support, someone to talk to, or just generally want to be heard. Matt always makes time for a coffee and is prepared to listen. People wanting to have a chat with Matt can expect that they will be listened to and supported in a non-judgemental and safe space.

Mentoring with Matt

If you’ve been trying to find what’s next for your faith, Matt is available for mentoring. Using the GROW mentoring model, Matt can help you in growing in your discipleship. Based around what it is you want to learn, Matt offers mentoring in Biblical studies, Theology, and Spiritual practises.


To arrange a meeting with Matt you can reach him on email or mobile.


phone: 0402 204 831