Jesus gave up His life. No one took it from Him . Not only did He know He was born to die , but He knew the way He would die . But He also knew about a last supper He would eat with His disciples. And Luke 22 tells us that He earnestly desired to eat this meal with His disciples. He had looked forward to this very meal for a long time, perhaps since He could even remember. Why? Why was He so eager? Partly because this meal was a transition meal. This meal would be the final God-ordained Passover that this world would ever see, but it would also prove to be the first God-ordained Lord’s Supper. The disciples and their followers would go on to eat thousands in their lifetimes, but Jesus Christ would not. This would be the first and last Lord’s Supper that Jesus would partake of before the millennial kingdom. Every Lord’s Supper we take part in there is someone missing. Like the mother who lost her son at war and every Thanksgiving sets up a place in his honour at the dinner table, we too remember Jesus, and should acknowledge the fact that He isn’t here.
He is preparing a place for us in Heaven.  Part of the deal in the Lord’s Supper is checking our desires and asking ourselves if we are truly longing for the day we get to see Christ face to face and get to eat with Him. The Lord’s Supper challenges our desires. What are we to do?  First, we are to take a serious look at our own hearts. Second, we are to encourage those around us to do the same. Ultimately, people are responsible for their own walk with Christ. We must  do self-checks, and the Lord’s Supper is the best place that Jesus has given us to do that.                                    Courtesy Jordan Standridge.