This week is a practical update rather than a reflection. The first thing is with communion coming up, we have the small pre-made communion cups available. Each cup contains a wafer and some juice and make it easier for us to share in communion together. Anyone is welcome to come and collect these cups and take them to friends, pastoral groups, and prayer partners, to share in communion together. With the communion service being available online, you can also share in communion any time. You don’t need to organise it for Sunday morning. You can view the service on your phone or laptops and computers, or you can request a DVD from the office.

So if there are people you’d like the chance to share communion with, or you’re missing our church community, this is an opportunity for an easy way for us to share at the table together. The cups are available for collection from the Church foyer and the packaging of these little cups is also all fully recyclable.

The second update is about when we resume worship. I know that a few people have been asking when we are going to resume. Restrictions are slowly lifting, and this has enabled the Church council to start meeting again and begin to plan and prepare for how we will begin starting up our groups and our worship.

Even with easing restrictions, meeting for worship is not in the near future. There are various issues around supporting the vulnerable members of the community, what is currently permissible for Church activities, and the practicalities of being able to social distance within the building that all still need to be addressed before we can join together again.

But the good news is that resuming our small groups is something that will happen sooner. The council is working with Synod on developing a safety management plan that will enable our small groups and activities to begin. We hope these details will be completed soon and we’ll let everyone know when they are.

I pray the Spirit be with us all, reminding us of God’s love as his Church