Ever since we haven’t been able to gather together the question of communion has been one we’ve been considering. We know that presiding online isn’t something that works for everyone. We’ve been waiting on alternative that’s been waiting on stock basically since the start of lockdown that has finally arrived. We have just managed to get hold of these self contained communion cups.

Each cup contains individually wrapped elements that removes the risk of cross contamination in preparing communion, and there’s a few ways we plan on using these.

First, soon you’ll be able to find them in the foyer of the Church. So if you join with other people on a Sunday for worship, you are welcome to use these to participate in communion together on a Sunday or whenever it is that you watch the devotional video.

Second, using these Rev Matt is able to bring communion to you. Specifically for the vulnerable who have been isolating who may not have been able to participate in online communion, Matt will be able to bring you communion and share with you at your home. Pastoral Carers are encouraged to get in touch with their groups to find those who would find this valuable. In order to protect the vulnerable, this option is limited to those who have no other means of participating in communion. All arrangements need to be organised with Matt in advance.

Finally, the Council Executive is discussing the possibility of a communion service presided over in the Church, with elements being distributed to members waiting in their vehicles. Please be aware that we are following the advice of Synod and health experts and will conduct this service if and when it is advisable to do so. We will provide plenty of notice before doing so, so that noone misses out.

The best option remains to participate in communion at home through the online devotion until the time comes when we can gather together again.