Hello Everyone!

We’re resuming activities back at the Church, starting with a Midweek Devotion and a Bible Study.

Specific times of attendance will depend on registration of interest, as we will be adhering to covid guidelines which includes;

  • Limiting the number of attendees per session.
  • Adhering to physical distancing regulations.
  • Sanitation and Cleaning processes

This means that if necessary we will be holding multiple sessions for activities with enough interest, and allowing time between sessions to complete the cleaning regime.

The Midweek Devotion will be on a Wednesday morning and be an exploration of the breadth and depth of Christian Spirituality. Here you can expect opportunities to pray, reflect, and engage with various styles of prayer.

The Bible Study will be on a Sunday afternoon and is an exploration of the Bible through examining the ancient worldview, writing styles, and asking how the ancient narrative impacts us today.

You can register your interest for one or both of these groups using the link below